If you are here, there is a high probability that you already know about CBD. It is a well-known cannabinoid from the Cannabis Sativa plant, particularly hemp. While people have been using it for a long time, its legalization in 2018 boosted its demand. It is known to deal with pain, stress, anxiety, and various other issues. 

Do you know that almost 20% of the people in America aged between 18 to 29 years use CBD? The number almost becomes half when it comes to age 50-64 years. The use of CBD is continuously increasing, yet many people do not know some methods to consume CBD, such as trying CBD gummies.

So, let us learn some of the little-known ways to consume CBD.


If you are a fan of CBD concentrates, you might try smoking concentrates with an oil rig. For this, you can heat the nail of the oil rig that carries the concentrate. Another way is to roll a high-CBD Cannabis joint. Unfortunately, the latter way means consuming more THC. 

Smoking has two primary benefits. They are:

  • It is the fastest delivery system.
  • It gives highly concentrated CBD. 

The cons of this method are:

  • It is harsh to your body, particularly your throat and lungs.
  • It requires some devices, such as joint paper, oil rig, or dabber. It is not for people who do not need a high CBD dosage.


If you want a similar concentration of CBD consumption (as smoking) without the harshness of smokes, you might try vaping. For beginners, many companies offer vape starter kits. Instead of smoking, you can also go for vaping CBD through a vaporizer pen.

Vaping offers similar benefits to smoking, such as a high concentration of CBD and quick delivery. Besides, there are some other pros of vaping. They are:

  • It gives maximum effects of CBD.
  • You do not have to face the harsh smoke.
  • You can have control over your dosage.

There are some cons too. They are:

  • You might end up vaping more than needed.
  • It requires some extra devices, such as vape pods and accessories. 


If you have not yet checked gummies, you might like to try CBD-infused gummies by budpop. Many CBD users prefer edibles. Edibles are food items or beverages infused with CBD. You can pick the dish of your choice and add a few CBD oil drops to make it edible. Edibles give an easy and discreet way to consume CBD, particularly to people who want to finish it in the office or any workplace. 

Edibles offer a list of benefits. Some of them are:

  • You can consume it without people knowing about it.
  • It is a delicious option to consume CBD because you can mix it with the dish of your preference.

A significant con of Edibles is that it follows the digestive tract. Thus, it takes comparatively more time to show effects than most other CBD products. Some people also face difficulty in understanding the dosage of edibles. If you also face this difficulty, you might try CBD-infused gummies by budpop.

Creams and balms

Many people use vaping or edibles to get rid of chronic pain. While these options might work well, topicals are ideal for it. Topicals are creams, lotions, or balms infused with CBD. You can rub it on the affected area and enjoy immediate benefits. 

These are particularly helpful for athletes or fitness freaks who usually face injuries on their bodies. A key benefit of topical is its ease of use. You can rub it on your skin and enjoy the benefits.


CBD soaps are one of the most underrated CBD products. They are soaps infused with CBD. Most companies offer them made of butter, plant-based oils, fragrance, and essential oils. You might also find some vegan and cruelty-free CBD soaps. 

You might use CBD soaps like your regular soap to moisturize your skin, reduce inflammation and redness, calm your sebaceous glands to lower anxiety, and give you a soothing bath. 

Bath bombs

Like soaps, there are bath bombs that you can use during a shower. After a busy day, you can enjoy a bath that might make you mentally and physically calm. Like other CBD products, you can have a broad spectrum, isolate, and full-spectrum bath bombs. These CBD bath bombs have become a popular gift in recent times.  

CBD Dabs

The most concentrated form of CBD is probably CBD dabs. Unlike other products, manufacturers do not mix the concentrate with different materials; they serve the unaltered CBD. 

You can either orally consume dabs or vape them. The effects of dabs are similar to other products, except the results might be more potent and stay longer. The impact of oral consumption might last for seven hours, while the effects of vaping might last for only three hours. You can get all these CBD products in both online and offline stores.


Instead of trying the traditional methods, people tend to look for new CBD products like CBD cherry gummies. However, before trying anyway, thoroughly know its dosage and consumption technique. It will make your experience with that CBD product even better. This list will help you frequently change your consumption ways to avoid boredom.