34% of Gamers Want to Use Crypto in the Metaverse Despite the Backlash

According to a survey from Globant, 34% of gamers are interested in using crypto in the Metaverse, and 16% have already bought NFTs, or n-fee-tokens. The overwhelming majority of gamers, however, are skeptical about the technology, despite its numerous benefits. The backlash is well-founded, however, and gamers are not willing to let the bad press stop them from using crypto in their game.

P2E concept

According to a recent survey by YouGov, three-fourths of gamers are interested in using cryptocurrency in the Metaverse despite the backlash. The majority of gamers are concerned about the negative impact that cryptocurrency will have on gaming. Still, gamers are optimistic about the Metaverse and its potential. The study also found that one-third of gamers have purchased NFTs, despite the negative backlash.

While the backlash has discouraged some game developers from implementing cryptocurrencies in their games, gamers are increasingly interested in using the crypto in the Metaverse. In fact, Globant’s survey revealed that 34% of gamers are interested in using crypto in the Metaverse. Of those, 16% bought NFTs. A majority (59%) of gamers agree with a play-to-earn model in the Metaverse.

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According to a recent survey, 34% of gamers are interested in using cryptocurrency in the Metaverse. While a vocal minority has opposed the idea, more than half of the gamers interviewed said that they were interested in crypto and would even buy NFTs if it were available. And 40% of gamers agreed that a play-to-earn system would work well in the Metaverse.

Several companies have announced specific integrations that use crypto, with Epic Games being the most well-known, followed by Roblox, The Sandbox, and Pokemon Go developers. According to the survey, gamers have a positive attitude towards NFTs and cryptocurrency and feel that it will have a positive effect on gaming. A similar percentage of gamers oppose the technology because they think it will negatively affect their gaming experience.

Speculative economic activity via NFTs

The backlash against NFTs has only increased the appetite for cryptocurrencies and ICOs. More than 40 percent of gamers associate blockchain technology with the Metaverse. The most recognized brand is Meta, followed by Epic Games, Roblox and Ethereum-based The Sandbox. Pokémon Go developers come in sixth. While some die-hard gamers have expressed their distaste for NFTs, others view them as money-grabbing schemes. In addition, many die-hard gamers believe the technology will ruin the gaming experience.

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In addition, the play-to-win aspect of the Metaverse is popular. Forty-four percent of gamers are interested in combining the two aspects, while only 11% are only interested in winning. Additionally, 53% of respondents are willing to work in a virtual world to earn digital currency, while sixteen percent have already bought NFTs. While the backlash is understandable, gamers are eager to take advantage of new technology.

Gaming industry’s reaction to NFTs

The Gaming industry is reacting to NFTs with mixed reactions. Some gamers are excited about the concept of NFTs. In fact, they may soon have a place in video games. Other gamers, however, are wary. According to a State of the Game Industry 2022 survey, PC is the most popular platform for current games in development. The PlayStation, on the other hand, is the leading console.

While NFT transactions aren’t completely illegal, many gamers are worried about the negative effects on the environment and scams. In addition to warping the gaming experience, many people are concerned about money laundering and the effects of these transactions on the environment. The Gaming industry is assessing the negative consequences of NFTs and evaluating how to deal with them. One gaming company is Square Enix, which recently announced it is exploring the use of NFTs in its games.