ByMike Francis

Aug 20, 2021

Is President Joe Biden aware of what’s happening?

He doesn’t know that there are U.S. military personnel currently stationed in Syria.

The president spoke this week with George Stephanopoulos, who pressed the chief executive about the White House-created crisis in Afghanistan, in which thousands of U.S. nationals and Afghan allies are scrambling to escape as the Taliban consolidates total control over the country.

During their conversation, the president made an obvious false claim about America’s presence in Syria.

Stephanopoulos asked, “Most intelligence analysis predicts that Al Qaeda will come back 18-24 months after a withdrawal by American troops.” Is this being revised now? It could have been sooner.

Biden said, “It might be.” “But George, this is the deal. They metastasize. Al Qaeda, ISIS. The threat from Syria is significantly greater to the United States. East Africa poses a much greater threat. Other places are at greater risk than the mountains of Afghanistan. We have the capability to strike them out from far away. To ensure that we are protected, we don’t have military personnel in Syria.

Yes, we do, Mr. president! There are approximately 900 U.S. military personnel stationed in Syria at the moment.

It’s quite scandalous that U.S. troops are still present over there. In 2018, Trump ordered the withdrawal of American troops, declaring that “We have defeated ISIS.” He then-commander in the United States military reissued the order in 2019. But, in 2019 the order was thwarted by nameless bureaucrats who lied to their superiors to undermine Trump’s order. This is according to Ambassador Jim Jeffrey, U.S. special representative for Syria.

Jeffery asked Defense One: “What Syria withdrawal?” “There has never been a Syria withdrawal.”

Defense One stated at the time, Jeffrey “acknowledges his team’s routinely misleading senior leaders about troop levels for Syria.”

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Jeffrey stated that “We were always playing Shell games to not make it clear to our leaders how many troops they had there,” adding that Trump’s announcement to withdraw from Syria is still “the most controversial thing I have done in my 50 years of government.”

This was a huge scandal. However, the Oval Office resident appears to not be aware of this.